Stone museum

A unique proof of palaeolithic age


One of the most important museum of the prehistory, a reference for everyone who wants to go back over the hoistory, following the signs that we have found today.

The Stone Museum of Pescopennataro is undoubtedly an inexhaustible spring of information about palaeolithic and neolithic culture in Molise.

The section dedicated to palaeolithic finds comes from the personal collection of Pietro Patriarca and Fortuna Ciavolino, who directly followed the preparation and the production of the informative material.

The property discovered has been rescued during a 30-years campaign for the findings, a campaign carried on with passion, research, curiosity and interest for Molise and its important prehisotric community.

The museum hedges in about 1600 handiworks made of flint and lime, proof of a refined handicraft, made of chipped stones, carved with professionalism by hunters and shepherds. The museum hedges in also hundreds of jewels of different size, proof of the vitality of the palaeolithic and neolithic communities of this area.

This aspect makes this area very important also for researchers and passionates, who wants to rebuild one of the most important step of the human race.

You can also visit the museum with specialized guides.


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