Appenine Fauna Museum

The typical vegetation of the mountains of Molise is the faunistic one. For this reason the scientist and researcher of Castel San Vincenzo Oscar Caporaso decided to create a real museum, the Appennine fauna museum of Castel San Vincenzo. In the museum you can find a huge set of samples of Mainarde’s fauna and an ornitologic and an entomological collection; lots of the stuffed examplaries are included in the collection as the wolf, the lynx, the deer and other animals, which are situated on the ground floor of a cute baronial building, restored and now good to give hospitality to the museum.

Appennine fauna museum - Via Roma, 51 – Castel San Vincenzo (IS) – Phone: +390865 951354

Admission free – Open the whole year (by booking)


Laurus S.r.l.
Via Nazionale, snc
86071 Castel San Vincenzo (IS)

Phone:. +39 081 854 65 78