The lake of Castel San Vincenzo

Tourist attraction fot thousands of tourists, the lake of Castel San Vincenzo is a real naturalistic jewel, even if it is an artificial basin built at the end of ‘50s. The lake’s area is about 6100 mq and its capacity is about 10 millions cubic metres of water. The lake represents the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday!

The lake is powered by the torrents coming from the cracked mountain of Alfedena and Barrea. It is often a destination fot the tourists who love fishing: it is popolated by salmons and other fishes of fresh water, which enrich the kitchens of the local inhabitants.

The lake is also equipped by an amazing camping area and a handling with wonderful horses to ride nearby the lake. The lake (even if artificial) is perfectly harmonized with the surrounding naturalistic landscape.

The lake is surrounded by the mountains of the mountain range of “le Mainarde”, which are mirrored in the lake. It can be defined as a postcard landscape, where the mountains are mirrored in the waters of the lake, drawing suggestive plays of light.


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