Bear museum

The bear, nowadays a rare examplary who has been living in the core of the Apennines for 400 years, is one of the most fascinating animal. Even if the bear museum of Pizzone is not yet finished, it is probably one of the most interesting tourist attraction to spend a relaxing holiday in the “Mainarde”.

The museum offers a structure dedicated to the biology of the bear and the problems of its preservation, in order to create a direct approach with the bears. In the future the museum will give hospitality also to some marsican bears. In the museum there is also a huge hall dedicated to the multimedia screening where about 100 people can enjoy also interesting books about the Park.

Bear museum – Via Vigne dei Santi – Pizzone (IS)- Phone +390865 951435

Admission free – Open the whole year (by booking)


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Via Nazionale, snc
86071 Castel San Vincenzo (IS)

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